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Trust Statement - 24th September 2012
In light of recent issues surrounding the financial situation at Southend United FC, the Shrimpers Trust would like to make the following statement:
The Trust regularly meets with directors of Southend United through monthly liaison meetings. The most recent of these took place last week, with Club Chief Executive Gary Lockett and Trust Chairman Paul FitzGerald and Vice-Chairman Paul Yeomanson all present.
At the meeting various aspects of the Club’s finances were discussed, with Gary happy to confirm that some elements were true, whilst others were merely rumour.
As is normal, the minutes of Liaison Meetings have to be signed off by both parties before being published, and can be found on the Shrimpers Trust website,, once this has occurred.
However, further to the Liaison Meeting we can confirm that The Shrimpers Trust have requested a meeting with Club Chairman Ron Martin, and that The Trust have suggested to the Club that we may be able to help, but that this would be subject to the approval of the Trust membership, who would be balloted accordingly.
The Trust do appreciate that it can be frustrating for supporters when there is a lack of information disclosed about serious issues regarding Southend United. However, fans can be assured that the Trust Committee, and particularly the Executive Board, is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that supporter opinion is represented.
To that end we welcome input, not just from our members, but from all Southend United supporters. The email address of our Chairman, Paul FitzGerald, is freely available and is advertised in all our newsletters (it is;
Paul will respond as work and family commitments allow.
Alternatively, you can get in touch using the ‘Contact Us’ tab from the home page of the Trust website,, or by visiting us in the Shrimpers Bar before the game on any home matchday.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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