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One of our principal aims is to ensure there is a team for us all to support years to come in Southend.

Currently most of our fundraising is being channelled into assisting the progress of the Youth Team, although we do our best to support other worthwhile schemes that are football related such as the work of Southend United Community & Educational Trust (SUCET).

The Trust has contributed significant funds to Southend United since its formation. This year for the 9th year running the Trust will see its name on the Youth team shirts due to its donations.

Other significant beneficiaries have been local charities both large and small via our successful joint ventures. The most recent being our walk to Dagenham which raised considerable sums for the Trust and Southend Hospital's Stroke Unit

Various areas of this website will show a selection of activities and fundraising schemes we arrange that encourage active participation from Trust members, family and friends, from Tenpin bowling with the United players to Curry (Chinese and Mexican) nights. Our ever popular Quiz nights, Race nights continue to raise good regular funds as does our Christmas raffle

Two popular fund raisers that we'd like to build on are our Quid a Goal scheme and the 100 Club which are explained in further detail below.

Trust membership fees pay for postage of newsletters and our inevitable overheads of accountancy, stationary etc. so we need to arrange considerable amounts to pay for our commitments to the Youth Team etc.

This is how you can help:-

This year the bulk of the proceeds will be donated to the Ricky Duncan's Youth Academy and his Department to help purchase much needed equipment.
For further details on our Quid A Goal Scheme please click here.

This scheme gives you the opportunity of winning a weekly draw for approx £30.00 and £300 on the draw immediately prior to Christmas. The cost is £5.00 per calendar month which we require paid to us by direct debit.

For further details of how to join the 100 Club and to access the list of current and previous winners please click here.

A full list of forthcoming Trust Fundraising Events including Race Nights, Quiz Nights, Bingo Nights, Curry Nights and Chinese Nights can be found by clicking here.
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