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So what is the Shrimpers Trust?
The Shrimpers Trust is a supporters trust. A supporters trust is a not-for-profit supporters' organisation that aims to take a proactive role in the life of the football club.
Isn't this just a supporters club by another name?
No. The conventional model of the supporters club is an idea that is now looking increasingly outdated. Supporters trusts aim to do away with the passive, deferential relationship between the fan-base and the football club. The new way is a partnership approach based on mutual respect.

How else does a supporters trust like Shrimpers Trust differ from the supporters club?
The Shrimpers Trust is a democratic organisation with annually-elected representatives who are accessible and fully accountable to the membership.

Can SUSSL really make a difference? We've seen these organisations come and go before.
The Trust can really make a difference to the success of this club. It's in our own hands now. As with virtually every area of life, hard work, talent and determination can move mountains, and particularly if these fine qualities are sprinkled with a bit of intelligent strategy.

What about fans without internet access. Aren't they going to feel excluded?
Definitely not. Digital communication is fast and cheap, so if you have Internet access we will use electronic communication. It would be foolish to ignore the power and economic benefits of the Internet and email, but it would be even greater folly for SUSCT to ignore the statistic that says that more than half of our regular fans do not have Internet access. As long as there is a demand from members, Shrimpers Trust promises not to abandon traditional forms of communication. That will primarily take the form of newsletters and the local press.

How can I find out how the money is being used?
Regular statements of accounts will be published, and strict controls placed on access to SUSCT funds.

How can I find out more about supporters trusts?

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