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Sol Campbell Q&A Report - Monday 25th November 2019
by Alan Perry

Sol was introduced to an audience of 40 Trust members, by Trust Chairman, Paul FitzGerald, and the first question to him was along the lines of how he had managed to rescue Macclesfield Town.
Apparently they had been promoted the season before and the group of players had a winning mentality and togetherness/ team spirit.

This mentality is being promoted by Sol on the training ground and helped by overnight stays at away games where practical.

He said he will beg, borrow and steal loan signings but he can only have a maximum of five and we already have two. He was asked what sort of players are likely to want to play for a team in our position, to which he replied there are players out there with the right mentality to shine in this situation and he will work hard to bring them in.

He said belief has evaporated with some of the current squad and he is working hard to reinstate this belief and make their own luck.

Sol was asked about bringing youth players in and replied that we will have seen he is happy to do that.

One of the audience commented that the likes of Manchester City can bring the ball forward from the back but we do not have players of that calibre. Sol said the option is to lump the ball upfield but we do not have any players that can win such long balls and hold it up, so working the ball forward is a strategy worth working at.

He was asked about dietary changes for the players. He commented that he cannot control what they eat while at their own homes but can do so in the time they are with him.

The audience asked about the future of certain players in particular Lennon and Demetriou. Sol would not be drawn on their futures.

He explained that pre-season had been a disaster for Southend, with injuries and players returning who were unfit, which is where our problems started this season.

He has not told any players they are surplus to requirements.

He felt there were not enough shots on goal, and likes playing with wingers. He believed that Bwomono and Ralph are both showing promise.

He would like to bring in players with more pace and Humphry's injury is a real blow. He is probably 10 days away from a return and Barrett may be two weeks away.

When asked what he made of Ron Martin's talk about a new stadium, he replied that Ron has a vision of the future. He saw that as a positive as there are many chairman who have no vision and will allow their clubs to stagnate. He does not believe Ron is one of them.

The meeting closed with members thanking him for attending and wishing him good luck in the job.

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