Over the years the Trust’s 100 Club proceeds have been an important part of our fundraising programme and have been put towards the various purchases and donations given to the Club, including much needed physiotherapy equipment and the substantial support given to the Centre of Excellence.

This scheme gives you the opportunity of winning a weekly amount of approximately £35.00 and £350.00 in the draw immediately prior to Christmas. The cost is just £5.00 per calendar month paid to us by standing order.

Joining the 100 Club couldn’t be simpler. Just click here to download the application and standing order form and return it to the address shown. The rest is up to us.

Week 17 – 25th November 2023
Prize Fund: £35.50
Winner: No. 56 – Graham Hart

Previous 2023/24 Season Winners:

Week 16: Jack Bond – £35.50
Week 15: Neil Whitehead – £35.50
Week 14: Coral Perry – £35.50
Week 13: Graham Hilder – £35.00