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SUFC's Planning Application
The Trust has been made aware that there is the opportunity for supporters to lodge their favourable comments on the planning applications relating to the new stadium and training facilities respectively on the Southend Borough Council and Rochford District Council websites.

At the present times, both websites show a majority of comments made negatively towards the plans so we are encouraging supporters to take a moment to post relevant and 'pro' comments as soon as possible to show the level of support behind the scheme. Comment is not restricted to those living locally but please make your comments relevant, highlighting all the many positives to the town, including employment, tourism, a range of housing across both the new development and at Roots Hall as well as the benefit to the Club.

To make comment on the plans on the Southend Borough Council area of planning, you must first register using the following link:
You may then immediately comment on the plans using this one - please note comments are limited to 100 characters so make sure they count!

When commenting on the Rochford plans, please remember that this is the area which includes the training facilities so make sure your comments are relevant to this area only. There is no limit to characters on the Rochford plans.

If you feel so inclined, it would also be helpful if you followed your comment up with an email to the relevant Council. The Councils would then be forced to acknowledge that there are huge numbers of people actively interested in seeing these plans progress.
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