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Shrimpers Trust Donations Break The £200K Barrier!
Whilst Football at our level has been non-existent for some time and the future too is unclear both on and off the pitch, I thought it time to celebrate a specific positive of the Trust.
During the curtailed season just gone the Shrimpers Trust donations reached a milestone - £200,000 in fact.
The vast majority of this has gone to the centre of excellence, as members know this has been our chosen route for many years and I think it would be fair to say that that part of our club continues to prove it's worth in this difficult time for our club.
However the Youth is not the only destination for the Trust's money.
For many years the Player of the month nominates a charity and we donate to that, recipients this last season have included Little Havens Hospice (also the recipient of funds from our walk to the Gills), The Carli Lansley Foundation and the JE 3 Foundation (several times in fact - re Elvis!).
The final donation of our season was to Royal Papworth hospital via our popular race night evening.
It is because of our members, our unpaid volunteers and the fund raising events we run that we are able to do this and long may it continue.
Thank you to all our members.
Full details of all the donations made last season and in previous seasons can be found on the Where Does Your Money Go webpage by clicking here.
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