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Bobby King Fundraiser

We are seeking your help to give a former Shrimper a helping hand.

Bobby King played for Southend as our left full back for three seasons in the mid 1960's, making 86 appearances and scoring twice.
The Scot, who we had signed from Glasgow Rangers, then went on to play for Romford and he still lives locally with his wife Kathleen. However, they have recently had some very difficult times, with Kathleen now unable to walk and Bobby himself having just come out of hospital and using a walking frame.
We were told about their predicament by their new gardener Vicky who wondered whether we might be able to help in any way.
The King's love their small garden but it has been somewhat neglected in recent times as they found it more and more difficult to manage and, now housebound, they are unable in its current state to enjoy it. A key need is to build a retaining wall, to make the area nearest the house easier to access, and to undertake some planting.

Vicky will manage the work that needs to be done, but if anyone has building skills who is able to donate their time to construct a retaining wall we would love to hear from you. We would also like to raise some funds to pay for the materials and planting needed and to give them, we hope, a lovely surprise.

If you know Bobby or Kathleen please do not tell them about this. If our appeal is successful we will, with Vicky and one of Bobby's former team-mates, visit them on 3rd August to let them know about this. Vicky is sure they will be absolutely thrilled.

If you might be able to help with the wall building please contact to obtain more details.

If you would like to make a donation to help fund some of the costs involved please make your donation by clicking here.
All donations please should be made by Sunday 2nd August 2020.

Any help/donations would really be appreciated as we would love at SUEPA to be part of a fans collective effort to show a former Shrimper that we care and that his time with us is not forgotten.

Thank you, and we will of course let you all know what happens.
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