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Southend Re-United Donations

The club's continuing financial struggles in extremely challenging times has led to many fans offering help. Indeed, some have instigated their own funding initiatives.

Whilst we have been assured by the club chairman, Ron Martin, that the debt currently outstanding with HMRC will be paid in full, we do believe it appropriate for help to be given to the club at least regarding ongoing operations. With this in mind, we are pleased to now launch our funding help campaign, 'Southend Re-United'.

In an ever-changing situation it may prove that the club becomes eligible to receive financial assistance from elsewhere, either from the government or from within the game itself. However, any such help is perhaps unlikely to fully replicate the revenue that the club might expect to generate in normal times, and meanwhile the many costs associated with running a club in the EFL remain.

As fans we support our club through thick and thin, and the present situation is possibly as 'thin' as it has ever been in our 114 year proud history since that meeting between Oliver Trigg and co at the Blue Boar on 19 May 1906. Many fans have already purchased 2020/21 season tickets perhaps more in hope of being able to attend than expectation, donated ticket money from last season, provided sponsorship, and much more. But nothing can replicate the revenue brought in by normal match day income, and attendance has currently been reduced from an average of 6,932 in our last full season to zero.

The Covid19 pandemic has led to many challenges we know regarding family incomes, but for those who are able and that wish to help support our club through these un-precedented times 'Southend Re-United' provides fans with the opportunity to donate whatever they can to help seek to maintain a professional football club in Southend. Indeed, this desire is at the very heart of the objectives of the Shrimpers Trust.

Whatever you can donate will be ring-fenced into a separate pool within the Shrimpers Trust, which itself is wholly independent of the club's own operations and finances. It is then our intention, during November, to use whatever has been accumulated to help support the club's ongoing finances, and the best way of doing this will be agreed with Ron Martin at that time.

We will keep fans informed of the progress of this campaign, and we will keep its need and purpose under constant review.

Shrimpers fans have always been united in their support for the club we all love. 'Southend Re-United' brings us together as one at a time when we are not currently able to go to Roots Hall and show our support in person.

The online donation page can be found here.

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