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Trust Statement - 29th April 2021

After discussing with Save our Southend, the Trust confirms its support for the principles of the planned rally at Roots Hall before the match on Saturday 8th May 2021.

The Trust would ask that the timing of the rally be altered to after the game if it is still possible for a positive result to stave off relegation to the National League

The Trust still believes the way forward is by communication and negotiation. Indeed, it is encouraging to see the latest development for the planned interview next week of a potential CEO following the call between Ron Martin and Stan Collymore yesterday. It is this sort of dialogue that the Trust whole heartedly supports and indeed has always done so.

Our support of the rally is given only on the basis that it is in support of the club and against how it has been run - which has led to what (bar mathematical improbability) will be a second successive relegation to end 101 years as a proud member of the Football League.

The Trust does not expect the rally per se to change anything, but the right of protest is fundamental to all of us and we support the right to do so.

We do not support the protest on any other basis and hope that all fans attending will participate in it in an orderly, legal and safe manner as planned by SOS.

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