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Trust Campaign - Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

What is happening in Ukraine right now defies belief, and the impact of it all will, it seems, only grow, and be felt, for years to come.

Like many, we at the Shrimpers Trust have discussed how best we can help those in need, not just by words of support but by meaningful action. That's why we have partnered with our friends and retro shirt suppliers World Retro, who are based in Poland. The incredible sacrifice and support shown by the Polish people, and indeed that of World Retro, has been inspiring, helping huge numbers of refugees fleeing their war-torn home.

Lots is being done by many different agencies to help feed and clothe the incoming refugee population, and it seems that all of Poland is geared to doing what they can, but the refugees need to be moved on to suitable places for their new temporary homes. World Retro have worked astonishingly hard to focus on making this transportation process work for those eligible to come to the UK, devising a plan to move them from the Ukrainian border to a Polish airport, working with airline Wizz Air to provide seats to fly them to the UK, and then for the new arrivals to be greeted and taken to their new homes over here. All of this work is done by volunteers and funded for by them aside from the relatively modest cost of the flight, and this is where we come in.

In working with World Retro, we have designed a unique scarf which will be available to purchase for £20. This money is being used to fund the cost of bringing one refugee to safe passage in the UK. So, for EVERY scarf purchased YOU are helping to bring ONE person to a place of safety away from the horrors of the war that is ravaging through their country.

We cannot do everything, but we can do something, and we hope to soon see many of these scarves being proudly worn at Roots Hall and beyond. So please, if you can, purchase a scarf and show your support.

We know that many of you are already playing your part to help in other ways, but our wish is that in creating this facility we are doing something for our football family to show their support to do something which will meet a very real need and at the same time demonstrate our care for all those who are suffering so terribly.

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